How to draw a manga face step by step

Drawing face is the most important point for any illustration. The face holds the capacity for expression, and therefore express personality, thought, and character desires.

I like to think of a face as a character’s house. There is so much about the character of anime or manga that you can show through the face.

For example, the scar on the face shows that this character is a war battle and a warrior. On the other hand, the big eyes, sparkling and innocent skin implying innocence and youth.

Character attributes can be blatant or smooth. It’s up  โดจิน to you. So have fun with it and play around.

Part of the beauty of manga art is that you can use other facial features, expressions and graphics tools to convey your character’s personality to the audience. Many of your character backgrounds and temperaments must be delivered without using words.

The expression communicates the emotional state that continues to change character. Surprise, fear, anger, love, worry, and anger all emotions expressed and highlighted by facial features.

For example, the eyebrows turned down the reiftion of anger; A reverse mouth signifies happiness.

In the manga, this expression was dramatically exaggerated, but they were simplified. This simplified line increases image clarity and sends a signal that is stronger to viewers.

Chief character shape can also be used to display age and personality.

Young manga characters have a round head and bigger eyes. As we get older, the eyes become smaller and the head narrows and extends.

OK, so here is how you draw face manga:

Step 1- Image the circle. This will be head. Next, add the jaw. Make sure the jaw is symmetrical because we see the face of the head.

Step 2- image vertical line in the middle of the face. This will act as a guide for the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Step 3- Sketches of the eyes and nose.

Step 4- Add details for the eye. Don’t worry too much about what their appearance is at this time. You will learn to enhance your eyes when you progress.

Step 5- Add eyebrows and hair. Have fun and experiment with eyebrow corners. You will find that you can make a wide range of emotions just by varying the degree of eyebrows.

Also, note that the manga ear is generally smaller than the original ear and can stick further.

After that, delete the remaining pencil line.